10 Years of Indexhibit

10 Years of Indexhibit

Our first meeting for Indexhibit took place in a chocolate shop in Brussels around October 2006. At the time it did not have a name and I usually referred to it as the 'drawer project' (that was the intial working analogy in my mind). I had been building Indexhibit for some months before that already. I don’t think we had any idea that it might still be around 10 years later.

Ultimately, Indexhibit was released about March-April of 2007. I still remember the first users who popped up in the forum and in email. I'm still friends with some of them. The internet was such a different place than it is now - a place where most of us were excited for and cared about open ideas and systems.

Indexhibit wasn’t a startup. It wasn’t created to make money. It wasn’t created to build a sellable database or to fulfill some marketing strategy. It was made to be useful, to fulfill an idea. It was, and still wants to be, an art project. Beyond that, in the beginning, there was no plan.

I’m sorry I haven’t had time to do anything more fun for the anniversary, but if you have any good thoughts or notes to send about Indexhibit maybe I’ll post some of these. Send to: studio at vaska dot com.

If you’ve been around 10 years or even if you are quite new to Indexhibit, thanks for hanging in there, thanks for using it and hopefully loving it as much as is possible. Let’s hope there are another 10 years left in this project.

Kind Regards