Indexhibit v2.1.5

Indexhibit v2.1.5


I just pushed out the code for Indexhibit v2.1.5. Let's just get right to it - what's inside?

- fixed index links not loading *
- fixed pseudo links in style.css
- fixed a small bug with upgrade utility
- fixed password retrieval and transmit functions
- general adjustments related to collect module
- removed backward compatibility in all classes
- enabled tagging for exhibits
- enabled subsections (turn on via /ndxzsite/config/options.php)

* iframes no longer reliably work with https because of cross-site scripting rules. If you are trying to link to an https besides your own site you may need to rethink the link.

Collect Module?

This is really a completely different news entry, so I'll just say that it was conceptually a way to take Indexhibit from being a purely (theoretically speaking) vertical system to one that could also be horizontal facing at the same time. Unfortunately, it was so much work at the time.

The first collect module is a simple Journal/Log system. It's still experimental so I'm releasing it from my own website. You can get the full details here.