I wanted to extend a 'thanks' to those who donated recently - it is very much appreciated. Unfortunately, there were not many of them and after a few weeks they simply stopped (yes, I did delete that note eventually - this is not fun to talk about).

It's hard watching another 1000 downloads without a single donation - alas, I'm at a loss right now about what to do.

I have had more email advice than donations. Indexhibit doesn't send newsletters constantly because people don't like newsletters - and it costs hundreds every time I send one. Advertising - for a free project (seeking donations) - isn't going to happen.

I intend to try to do some kind of a fund drive in the future but not while much of the world is on lockdown.

I hope you are managing your local and world events well - these are not normal times.

Kind regards

PS: if you would prefer news updates another way, you can follow me at Twitter. Don't worry, I don't tweet often. ;)