This place is not a community. As some know, I was paying people for years to help others in the forum. And, now that I don't have the money for that - there is no help. It's all on me, but going back to 2007 it was supposed to be a community supported forum. People show up years after installing Indexhibit and want help and get angry because there isn't somebody there for them.

Well, I have to ask, how much did you pay for Indexhibit? How much have you donated to Indexhibit? Have you ever helped anybody in the forum? Have you ever considered that help costs time and money?

I am a bit fed up. For beginners, if you post in the forum you are linking back to Indexhibit on your site - it's the least you could do. You are also actively trying to search the forum for answers before you ask a question.

In 2012, somebody pointed out to me that the forum had reached 100,000 posts. I was curious how many of those posts were mine. Just above 70,000! Yes, I was 70% of everything in that forum (and now it's a higher percentage). I have answered every question already. And, when I see new, important questions - I do jump in and resolve things.

A couple weeks ago I was accused of abandoning this project by somebody in the forum who installed their site 10 years ago. They had never upgraded and now that they had problems, I was a bad person. Ten years of a working website lead to that. It actually feels to me like they abandoned Indexhibit years ago.

People can take care of this project if they want it to continue - it's not all on me to donate my time to this project (for 15 years now). I'd like some help - where is my support? Donate. Answer questions in the forum if you know the answer (please don't, if you aren't sure). The community is currently just me - and it was never supposed to be like this, but I'm tired of being treated like I'm a bad person or I don't do anything for Indexhibit.

I have offered paid support for years via my own website but I'm lucky if I get one or two serious requests in a month (but I get plenty of emails wanting free help) - so, it's hard for me to make time to do them, at all.