Indexhibit is a pioneering, influential, web-based content management system (CMS), founded in 2006 by Jeffery Vaska and Daniel Eatock, which is used primarily to create online portfolios (image, text and video).

It is intended for independent-minded creators, academics, researchers, students, collectors, et al., who wish to learn how and manage the visual display of their works, on their own terms, according to their own abilities.

From its inception, the project wanted to grant users a simple and quick way to publish, without many design constraints, allowing them to show their work with clarity in a neutral display. An early decision was made to not utilize every new web technology and keep it simple. Guiding principles were honesty, earnestness and diy.

Over the years Indexhibit was featured in design magazines and was part of art school curriculums. Vaska has conducted Indexhibit workshops on three continents.

Indexhibit is not a 'platform' and there is no tracking or selling of your data. You do you.

Indexhibit is free and open source. You can download Indexhibit by creating an account.